Action-oriented nutrition + culinary coaching to set you up for success in your own kitchen!

ChefGirl, RD packages offer a unique integration of nutrition and culinary services to translate the strategies and goals in nutrition counseling into an actionable plan. My mission is to empower you with confidence that leads to sustainable change so you can get off the diet rollercoaster, rely on less medication, and be in control of fueling your body with exactly what it needs.


Nutritious foods should not sacrifice flavor, and time in the kitchen should not feel like a chore.

I provide you with real, whole food remedies that are individualized to you. There is no singular diet plan here, in fact, there are no diets. Together, we design a plan to fit your lifestyle and your health needs. Created by a Registered Dietitian and trained chef to bring you the balance you have been searching for.

Have you been told by a healthcare professional to make changes to your diet, but you don’t have the tools to do so…

ChefGirl, RD coaching combines nutrition counseling with basic training in the kitchen, so that you can take action! You will feel empowered from the grocery store aisles, right into your kitchen with our grocery store tours, kitchen makeovers, and personalized cooking lessons. Together, we take a total approach to achieve your health and nutrition goals, with individualized meal plans and recipes. You are coached every step of the way!


Your health starts with you…

Diet-free, mindful eating and the delicious foods your body needs. Discover how food makes you feel from the inside out, and embrace continual growth and change to achieve feeling your best.